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technologies-landing-insetThe physicians of Advanced Radiation Centers of New York (ARC) treat most types of adult cancers, using the latest radiation therapy services and technologies “site-specific” to a particular type of cancer. If you or a loved one has been diagnosed with cancer, the doctors at ARC are here to help.

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Image Guided Radiation Therapy – IGRT

IGRT is the most precise form of radiation therapy providing exact targeting of at-risk tissue, and wide reduction in doses to collateral normal tissue. IGRT targets cancer and just-in-time shifts are made to assure exacting precision dosing of the radiation beam.

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RapidArc Rotational Radiation

RapidArc is the most significant breakthrough in Radiation Therapy to fight cancer in the last decade, leaping past all other radiation technologies. Using a full single arc rotation, RapidArc Volumetric Arc Therapy modulates the intensity of the radiation beam with far less radiation exposure in less than two minutes.

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IMRT: Intensity Modulated Radiation

IMRT is a revolutionary delivery technology that allows the Radiation Oncologist to conform, or shape, the radiation high dose region in a highly 3-Dimensional manner.

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Prostate Seed Implants

The term “brachytherapy” means slow or close therapy. It is used to describe the dosing of radiation. When used to treat prostate cancer it is a highly effective form of therapy which has been proven to cure early stage prostate cancer.

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Partial Breast Irradiation - Breast Balloon and Interstitial Brachytherapy

PBI involves treatment of only a portion of the breast, instead of the more commonly treated whole breast. Since a smaller volume of breast tissue is irradiated, treatment times are significantly shorter than conventional treatment.

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Respiratory Gating for Lung Cancer

Respiratory Gating is a technology that opens and closes, or “gates,” the radiation beam on and off based on where the tumor is located during the regular breathing.

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Stereotactic Radiosurgery, also known as SRS, is a cancer-fighting technique, which utilizes very small and highly directed radiation beams to target tumors within the brain and spine and other sensitive areas of the body. The precision of SRS treatments with Trilogy is unmatched.

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