Radionuclide/Radioligand Therapy | Xofigo and Pluvicto

Radioligand therapy (RLT), also known as radionuclide therapy, marks a significant advancement in precision oncology, offering a targeted approach to cancer treatment. This innovative therapy uses molecules labeled with radioactive isotopes (radioligands) that specifically bind to cancer cells, delivering localized radiation directly to the tumor or metastatic sites. RLT combines the specificity of molecular targeting agents (i.e. monoclonal antibodies that bind specifically with certain cancer cells) with the therapeutic efficacy of radiation, making it a potent option for managing certain types of cancers. By leveraging advanced imaging platforms, RLT provides accurate delivery of therapeutic doses, minimizing impact on healthy tissues.   The most common forms of radionuclide or radioligand therapy include Xofigo, Pluvicto (both for prostate cancer) and Zevalin (for lymphomas).