Linear Accelerators | Radiation Machines at ARC

Radiation for cancer “external beam” radiation treatments (EBRT) are made by highly sophisticated machines called linear accelerators, or “Linac” for short.  Linacs fall into several categories:  Gantry-based Linac Platforms, Ring-Based Linac Platforms, and Robotic-Arm Mounted RAM Linac Platforms.   Gantry and Ring based platforms typically offer more flexibility for providing various the most forms of radiation treatment types (such as SBRT, SRS, IMRT, VMAT, IGRT and 3DCRT, while the RAM linac can delivers only SBRT/SRS and various IMRT treatments.

At Advanced Radiation Centers, we pride ourselves on harnessing a range of linear accelerators (Linacs) to offer versatile and effective radiation treatments.  There are currently only 3 main companies that research, develop, design and build radiation oncology Linacs:  Varian (a Siemens company), Elekta, and Accuray.  Advanced Radiation Centers works closely with advancing technologies from all 3 companies to ensure its treatments and technologies are and remain state-of-the-art.  Here are some of the treatment machines available at many of our treatment facilities.