Cancer Radiation | Radiation Therapy For Cancer

When it comes to radiation therapy for cancer, the physicians of Advanced Radiation Centers of New York (ARC) have a vast degree of expertise in the treatment of a wide range of cancer types and organ malignancies.

Having trained at the finest institutions in the world, including Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, Yale University, Cornell University and The Johns Hopkins Hospital, our skills and expertise in radiation for cancer rank among the highest in the region. Our experienced physicians and staff have published peer-reviewed research articles and even textbook chapters on cancers ranging from prostate and breast cancer to tumors of the head and neck region and the brain.

Cancers We Treat

The physicians of ARC treat all forms of adult cancers with the following latest technologies: Image Guided Radiation Therapy (IGRT), RapidArc Technology, Intensity Modulated Radiation (IMRT), Prostate Seed Implant, Breast Brachytherapy, Respiratory Gating, and Trilogy Radiosurgery.

The physicians of ARC treat all forms of adult cancers with the latest technologies and radiation therapies that are specific for the particular form of cancer. We treat Breast Cancer, Prostate Cancer, Brain Cancer, Gastrointestinal Cancers, Gynecological Cancer, Head and Neck Cancer, and Lung Cancer. If you are diagnosed with one of these forms of cancer, the doctors at ARC are here to help with the proper cancer radiation treatment.